Saturday, August 16, 2008

Short+Sweet '08 @ KLPAC

Note: Sorry guys for not having regular updates. This is due to my bad connectivity, even at home. Worse is when I lost my post, click post, then everything when missing.. O_O *Rooarr!*


A week ago (to be more specific about 9 days ago), I joined Saroj for a show. Actually I tagged along with him and his friends. The show was quite good. Worth it for the price.

Student: RM15
Normal: RM25
(I paid RM25 cos my student card expired Wtf?)

The Short + Sweet '08 is made of several short plays writtened and produced by many directors and producers. Some of 'em are even at my age.. O_O (Man I knew I should have joined the world of acting a long time ago, probably I'd be the youngest Steven Spielberg today! LOL)

Too bad couldn't take pictures inside the hall.. but sneakily and secretly I took this picture.. Nyek nyek nyek.. Wait.. *thinks hard* Recalling that, I think Saroj saw me.. (not so sneaky or secretly after all, *snorts*)

The several short plays were simply brilliant! Lotsa laughter for us: from eerie type to lame to crazy to disgusting ones.. OMG!

Yesh, absolutely true

Some displays outside the hall

The crowd with lotsa smiles (right after the show)
Well that's about it from Short+Sweet '08. Man wish I could see that again.

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