Thursday, August 21, 2008

Neighbour's Birthday

Last Saturday was my neighbour's birthday. She was kind enough to invite my family and I to dinner with her family and her at One World, Damansara Utama. It was a buffet dinner.

Now who says there's no free meal in this world?
Ermm, that's when someone else is paying for it...

-Before dinner, when to neighbour's new bought apartment-

took a snapshot of a coming-soon complex just 3 minutes walk away
from the apartment.. So convenient sia..

-Less than 15 minutes, we went to One World to feed our hunger-

Trust me, you ain't gonna believe my apetite,
I practically tried everything there,
and I was DARN full by the end of the dinner.

Let's start off with some raw japanese food.

Then some cook japanese food.

I don't how to categorize them.. *sigh*
I only know how to eat.. *winks*

Can tell by the looks of it.. Hehe

Still yearn for some japanese food,
but tempted by the cheese naan and satay

had a plate of ketchup cooked macaroni

Chocolate Mint!

Pudding, Cookie, Strawberry Ice Cream!

Lastly, fruits.. ^_^

Well actually I had more than this,
but forgotten to snap some of them..
Hunger rules me.. Kekekz

Went and walk around the restaurant,
helps to digest the food..
You'll know why, later..

Nice ei?

I get hungry when I look at all the pictures with food..

Came back to my seat, and grab my sis
to this quick shot..

-After the meals, when everyone's done with theirs-
Finale, Jeng jeng jeng..
(by neighbour's daughter and maids)

Remember I had to digest the food first?
This is why, GOT CAKE ON THE WAY ma...!!

That's all for the dinner and my neighbour's birthday..
The food at One World Restaurant was SPLENDID.. was really worth it!

Oh yea, I got to know roughly how it cost per head, RM90++