Tuesday, August 26, 2008

RWP @ KL Central

Last Saturday, there was a Read While Waiting Project (RWP) at KL Central, ongoing where there were quite a lot of supporters who attended it. What is this about? Well the project's name tells it, to get people reading while waiting, regardless of the location, time, and environment; as long as you're waiting, it is encouraged to pull out any reading materials and start reading.

So let's see how it went...

Met new friends there.. Am Happy! =D

is me!

Joshua Ong

Thomas Yap

Supporters (believe me, there's more than this)
there were 3 spots, and this is 1 of them..

some reading newpapers

some brought their novels

our spot @ front of KFC

Zain, the person who spearheaded the RWP

even after the event, people continued reading..
*claps!* good job guys!

Book lovers!

And we all went back after that...
Both Joshua and I went back by train..
but we're going to different destinations,
therefore, different platforms..

so from across the platform..
*psst, he didn't know*

he got snapped!

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  1. dammit~

    i missed it again la!..
    rly looking forward to attend it dat day but got other projects plak~...haiya~

  2. haiya..
    how u missed it?
    i tot u were suppose to be there..
    no wonder I couldnt' see u there at all.. *sigh*

    oh well, nxt time loo..
    YA BETTER MAKE IT for the nxt one.