Monday, August 11, 2008

Movie Marathon

Last week, after the exams, my coursemates and I went for a movie at MidValley Megamall. However, Wai Hong and I decided to watch another movie before the rest arrives there.

First movie, before the peeps arrived: HellBoy II

Main purpose was to see the casts again ^_^
And of course the show itself has a good storyline.. Hehe

Was surprised to see this new dude, Johann Krauss (left)
and happy to see more of Abe! wootza!
This character was seriously out of my expectation,
the Angel of Death...
It was GREAT knowing you.. Now I gotta RUN!

I love the Big Gun..
I am in need of one..
Coz I wanna blow some things up!
Like my garbage...

Ooo, the battle between the Prince Nuada and HellBoy

The movie was great, the action pack, a lil comedy with cool CGI!
A really must see for anyone who hasn't gotten the chance to watch it!
(I know there are some people, somewhere out there who haven't watched it)

My ratings: 9 of 10 for a Comic Fan movie
No one should miss this.

Alright, next movie with my mates: Dark Knight

Introducing my pals:

Wai Hong, Alan, Michelle, and Grace

They say they don't like me snapping so much pictures..
But look at them, contradicting ei?

Hmm.. No, they're not gay...
But they sure are Happy!

Alright, let's move on with the show:

It was this poster that attracted me initially.
Joker saying "Why So Serious?"
He is DARN good with it!

There were 3 main characters:
Joker, Batman, Harvey Dent
*Question: I should have something to represent me, what should I hold?*

The fight between Joker and Batman aka Dark Knight

Never thought that this character would turn up;
Two Face, the "special invited guess", xD

Oh ya, the producers did remember to put the bike in..
But what was the name again??
Bat Bike? Bat Cycle? Bat Wheels? Bat Rods?
I forgotten *sigh*

My ratings: 10 of 10 for a Superhero movie

Seriously it was that darn good..
The storyline was in sequence that the audience did not know what's gonna happen next, the CGI was great, the roles by all main characters were superb, there was romance+action pack+minimal jokes+lotsa explosion!


After movies, went walking around and head home:

It's called a Movie Marathon,
Do you think it'd stopped there?
But I'm kinda lazy to review the rest..
I'm gonna list them out..
Since they're all old movies,
don't really need the reviews from me.. *winks*

  1. RushHour 3 (funny xD)
  2. Ironman
  3. Ben 10: Race Against Time (I know I'm Lame)
  4. Transformer (I still love it =P)
  5. Next

haha.. that's all I watched for that day (last week), tired weih..
eyes were so big O_O

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