Saturday, August 23, 2008

A day out...

Okay, it wasn't a day, it was rather half a day.. *winks*

A few days ago, Karena sent me a SMS asking whether I could give her a lift to one of her photo shootouts at SS13 which is Friday, today (I'm not asleep yet, so it's still within the same day for me la). I agreed as I did not have anything on. Unfortunately, I do not know the road, seriously, so I had to rely on Karena to guide me pulak *okay, okay I know I damn lame*

Finally reached there safe and sound, only to find out we're the earliest there.. O_O Not long after that, Schmae showed up.. She WAS SHOCKED to see me (she thought I was there for some shoot out too, dunno whether I should be happy to know that).. Kel Li came in the scene like an hour later, due to massive jam.. Guess what, either she was really busy.. or she ignored me maximus.. O_O *I was invisible gua* but nvm, it's quite a busy moment there also, lotsa make up professionals, cameramen, and a whole lot of schedule to follow..

*due to some restrictions, I wasn't allowed to post some pictures*
However... I have others to show.. *winks*

-At the studio-

tell ya something,
people look entirely different after make up..
*no, I'm not hinting anything*

Karena was practically trying to hide
from my camera..
Kel Li, well, she was busy.. Hahaha..

Then kena "halau" from studio,
went for quick breakfast..

boy, that's a lot for breakfast..

random shots

quick snaps

Went back to the studio,
like what I always do,
camHo loo.. ^_^

After the shoot out session, dropped Karena at Times... and head back home...

Psst, She looks.... REALLY REALLY TIRED and SICK.. *hopes she's oookay by now*


  1. haha... too bad u cannot be inside :D
    Make up really make people look different depend on how u put it:P
    Jeff, u can look macho if u want XD

    But, as long as u like the person without make up, thats what matter :D

    Hey, is Karena holding a DSLR?

  2. haha.. yea.. too bad man..
    Well I've seen myself with make-ups and i learnt a lil about make-up-ing.. Kinda cool though..

    yea Karena holding a Nikon D60.. Wootza!