Thursday, August 07, 2008


This sucks.. Haven't been able to post up a thing since the connection became worse.. The only thing allowing me to do this, is by borrowing my friend's connection.. On top of that, my laptop is getting slower, unable to process the editing that I've made, causing lost to many of my unsaved works.. OMFG! Lost tens of minutes [all summing to hour(s)] of work.. of course I made a mistake, I always forget to save them first.. T_T

I had quite a few stacking in list right now:
  1. 8 blog post away
  2. 100+ pictures to edit
  3. "Upgrades"
  4. Photo shooting
  5. Research on my "work"
  6. Room Cleaning
This few would already take up a week (assuming that I would do 1 each day)... Dang... Gonna take up another week of my holiday season.. I only have 1 month, and 1 week has passed.. =.="

I can't wait to see my Baby...
I miss my Sweetheart like hell crazy...
Hopefully I'll see you soon...
Can't wait for you to be in my arms once again..

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