Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Birthday Outing

Just want to express out many thanks to both my friends, Alex and Celine for giving me a birthday treat.. ^_^

Didn't take any pictures today as I had my camera charging.. Darn, forgot to charge the camera..
If not I'd be showing off the treats! hahaha..

Lunch was on Alex. Had secret recipe! Mmm... But no cakes though.. No, it was I.. who did not ask for any cakes.. I was already filled up with lasagna and iced white chocolate coffee.. Haha.. Thx for the treat man, the lunch was great! Still having the taste of lasagna in my mouth.. *yearns for more*

Dinner was on Celine. Thought of having dinner at TGIF but I rather settled for Burger King aka BK and was in a hurry to watch the movie.. xD Had a Whooper (my favorite burger in BK) and gotten a free sundae. Actually was Celine's, but she gave to me since it was my birthday treat.. (awwwhh so sweet of her.. *hugs*) Well after BK's, we rushed to enter the movie hall for the show "Don't Mess With Zohan".

WTFZOMGLMAO!! These were the words (to be more specific abbreviations) to describe the movie..

What was rated as "U" turn out to be "18Sx".. Explicitly Hilarious..
Seriously thinking about it, I really don't know how to rate this movie..

Wanna call it action pack, cannot.. not much also
Wanna call it a comedy show, maybe la.. but the jokes ar.. ZOMG!
Wanna call it a family show, certainly cannot.. a lil too obscene for family..

This is Zohan after a haircut..

Don't care la, not gonna bother rating this.. All I know I had a good time..
REALLY LOOL (not typo error) and heard lotsa people go "OMG!", "WTF", and plenty of "HAHAHAHA" throughout the show..

Watch it for yourself.. But be prepared for it..
It ain't that pleasant


  1. hahaha sory jeff, i really duno its ur bday hahahah ...
    hapy bday dude!!!!

  2. Zohan.. I didn't really like it. Cheesy..I only love the part when Zohan swam an exaggerated butterfly stroke.. --like a dolphin! That..I find funny. the only one. LOL!

  3. missschelle:
    lol.. michelle michelle.. haihz...
    lidat la... but thx for the wishes..
    takpe lambat asalkan selamat kan? hahaha

    HAhaha.. that was really fake at the same time it was really funny.. the rest were really OBSCENE!
    ZOMG! hahahaha..

  4. So fast can watch ZOhan already meh???
    I want to watch it too.
    And not forgetting Wall.E
    haih.... I will wait for dvd instead la

  5. haha.. i went for movie screenings ma.. ^_^
    so watch ady looo..
    ^_^ Wall E? I wanna watch too!
    but if i no time then need to wait for dvd oso..
    Hmm.. if you have it first, then go watch at ur house..