Sunday, August 17, 2008

Real Nangs? Or Just Viewings?

Just a thought. Have you ever think whether or not the nangs you see in at Innit are real?

I don't mean any offense to anyone. *I apologize first if in the event I were to offend anyone*

But if you have noticed something when you're viewing the post, it automatically nangs the post for you, simply by clicking on the Title.

I tested it out on my own link.

I'm not here to put any accusation or allegations onto anyone.
Please do not get me wrong.


  1. Yup, realized it.

    You actually have to click on the blogger's photo if you wish to read before giving a nang :)

  2. hahahaha... amboi leng zai~
    use right click n open in new tab... XD that's what all the OLD OLD nuffnangers do. XDXD

  3. you can avoid that by right click>open in new tab/open in new window , using this way the post will not get nang. More importantly, nuffnang allowed poster to nang their own post once. only once. that's it.

  4. JustJasmine:
    well there's other alternatives to view blog without nang-ing..

    LengLui.. Yeah, i know that oso..
    this post actually quite old jor..
    but now only post.. LOL

    yupz! that's right.. ^_^