Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Money Vs Love

I found this old entry of mine somewhere.. So I edited it and re-post here..
Tell me what you think..

Ever wonder which is more important?

This question strikes is thrown at me almost everytime when most some friends of talks about relationship. I know it's a sad thing.. But what can I do? Only ears lor.. But I got fed up,


Some might say that they're both equally important.. IMHO, this is not really true.

MONEY is more important.
I know a lot of people would definitely oppose to my opinion in this.

So, maybe this might clear things a little, if it doesn't, you can ignore it.. Or leave me a comment/your opinion *winks*

My reason(s):
  • Money is the source and the main core in everything there is today. Without it, there's approximately nothing. I would dare to say that it relates to almost everything, well maybe everything itself.

  • Health depends on money, safety depends on money, eating and drinking depends on money, enjoying time and having fun depends on money, surviving also needs money, heck even LOVE depends on money. Keeping a relationship going on is no big deal when you have money.

  • Of course I did not say that problems won't occur if there's money, but things would be much easier with money.

Some of my friends would lecture/tell me and some would keep bragging of the opposite, saying that LOVE is everything and is most important in life! Hmm... BUT how true is that?

  • Can love buy you the things you need?
  • Can love give you a good living?
  • Can love FEED you?
  • Well yes it can, only if you have money!
  • See, still relates to the big "M".

Truth to be told, I ain't a paranoid about it. It's just that it annoys gets on my nerves when they keep asking that over and over again. I'm not saying that love should be forgotten,

I'm just saying that when the both are compared,
Money is just simply above Love.

Now how is this possible you ask? Remember, let's keep it simple.

Guys, you definitely want to take your girl (
assuming you only have one) somewhere romantic where you and her can spend some time together, but what are you going to do without having to spend? Okay, probably watch the sunset up on the hills or somewhere in the park but won't that be awfully boring if you're planning to do that everyday?

Girls, I'm sure you want to spend quality time with the one and only (assuming you only have one), with him but how? I'm guessing you have tons of answers but aren't they all connected to the "M" word? If not, can they be done everyday? Sooner or later either one party would be bored, and that's where problem starts.

Well it's not actually a big deal between these two. But obviously we've seen it clearly, Mr. "M" is our winner. However, I did not say that Love lost. Yes money maybe be important, but we should not let go of love as these two "elements" are needed regardless of which is more important. We only want money so that we could sustain and have love. PLEASE don't do the vice versa. If not it would be very devastating.

A kind reminder to everyone:
We only want money so that we could sustain and have love. PLEASE don't do the vice versa. If not it would be very devastating.

Ps: Now that answers my question to anyone who ask me, why I choose career over relationship. Nuff' said...


  1. Hi Jeff,
    First of all, money is important for our survival in this modern world. We're not like the good old days, where without money, we still can survive by hunting for food, getting water from the river. In this modern world, I believe most of us don't even know how to cook. We are dependent on money to fulfil our NEEDS and WANTS.

    My uncle once told me, family+love should be above all. Money comes second. No doubt, money can help to solve half of the family/love problem.

    My opinion is, we still need to earn a decent amount of money. However, at the same time, you should not miss out your family/loved ones. That's why try to work only during office hour. The rest/weekend is family/loved one day.

  2. sad la ur life jeff, even u got money ppl wan u boh???? hahahhahahah jkjkjkjkjkjk, no point got money no love oso la...

    the best is not to overdo either of it balancing is always better like yin & yang...hahah feng shui pulak...

  3. Hp84:
    Heyya! Ssup?
    Well I totally agree with that..
    there should be a balance between both.. Thx for sharing opinion ^_^

    Hmm.. interesting.. Well doesnt matter if ppl wan me o not, different ppl different criteria of wants and needs.. ^_^ if i cant fulfill them, i guess it's too bad for me..

    Balancing is good, but no matter how balanced it is, money stays above all list..

  4. Ola Jeff!

    I must disagree with you.

    Money is not THE most important thing. Really, the reason why we think money lubricates the world is because of the capitalistic mindset we have been brought up in.

    Really, if we were all living in a socialist community (equality yada yada kinda like communist minus the violence) then money wouldn't be a problem.

    I might even go as far as to say that money is the cause for some of the major problems the world is facing. Not just with the environment like pollution, overharvesting and deforestation, but also with human rights and stuff.

    Really, because the value of money is constantly rising there are countries who have been living in debt to bigger powers for the better part of the century! Unable to get out of debt they have no choice but to allow these countries to exploit their people and their natural resources.

    So that's what I've got to say. Money lubricates the world. That's true, but really, the only reason why money is deemed so "important" is because we were brought up to want more of that which we have more than need.


  5. Cyren:

    haha.. Well it's true what you say..
    But the point still remains, Money is still the most important.. Tell me one thing that has nothing to do with Money.. It is because of money, that humans live on, (though the pollution is caused by it too) and it is money that we use to repair the damages that we cause..

    Whether we need or we want, money remains as the main goal of achievement for every human in this world.