Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fuel Price Dropped! Quick Fill Up now!

Remember when the fuel prices went up to RM2.70 not too long ago?
click here if you don't know
*will whoop your butt if you're a Malaysian and don't know*

Well the PM has decided to pull it (petrol) down a few days back,
by 15 sens, to RM2.55/Litre and diesel down to RM2.50/Litre.

A scheme?
Scheme to win the people's heart (before the election) or not,

Before they change their minds...

Haha.. just joking on this part..

Btw, it was stated that "they" will be revising on the fuel price
every month... So they might be an increase again soon..

So whatcha doing there now??
QUICK, Go tapao (translate: pack) a few gallons
of fuel and safe keep it..

News from here, here and here.

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