Sunday, August 03, 2008

Dinner @ Boston Grill

Before the exams, HEHE xD, had dinner at Boston Grill. Well, normally I'll try to have a good meal once in a while. When I came across the restaurant, decided to give it a try.

The Boston Grill Signage

One of the Main Course Menu..

Boy that picture made me saliva-dripping XD

I Likey this one too!

Hmm.. Ordered the food, so while waiting for it...

Couldn't help myself taking a picture of it... =P

Then the drinks came...
What? You thought I was alone? Haha, of course not!

Sis ordered the pinkish drink, Shirley Temple
I had a sip (hehe), it was good for taste,
but not for the price..

My blueish Shocking Lemon..
Again taste wasn't worth the price..
Was rather watery, hence Lemau Lemon..
"lemau" is "weak" in Malay

Mum's Banana Freeze,
now this is worth the notes! Sluurrrp

Dinner is served!!

Sis' dinner, the Mushroom Chicken
with fried onion rings, French fries, and tartar sauce...
Was So-so only.. *sigh*

Mum's Fisherman's Platter with salad,
fried onion rings, and tartar sauce...
It was a surprise to me,
I guess the sea ran out of salt that day...

Finally, my Roast Chicken,
with vegetables, and French fries..

Bon Appetit!

Alright, upon finishing my tough chicken...
I saw something that was 5 times better
than my Shocking Lemon!


The Roasted Feather!!

Tsk tsk tsk... That's how Boston Grill does their business..
Was quite an "entertainment" that night..

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