Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saman or Rasuah??

After the show, went back for a drink and guess what I saw? A guy driving in the wrong direction and UNFORTUNATELY, he had to meet a police patrol car at a junction. Which junction? Sorry can't tell you that. (A hint: it's near my area.)

Alright, normally if you're gonna get a saman from the cops, what would normally happen?

What do you think of a situation, where the cop ask you to stay in your car, and have a 5minute (plus) chat with you without pulling out his pen (even though he has the saman board with him)?

5 minutes... I don't know what actually happened there, cos the cop was blocking the whole thing most of the time as if he has something to hide. Ooo.

So you tell me, is it

Saman or Rasuah?

Note: "Rasuah" is a Malay word meaning bribary.


  1. lol..."saman board"..

    i bet my dollar on sho'

  2. LOL!

    ^_^ i think everyone's gonna say that too.. Hehehe

  3. maybe the pen is in the saman board? but anyway, if we want to stop corruption, let us the right thing like following the traffic rule that way corrupt officials will not have any reason to ask money from us.

  4. Michy:
    Hmm.. Maybe..
    but i doubt so, i think they prefer the pens in the pocket.. idk

    Hahaha.. *wink*