Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SiewMei's Convo @ Wisma MCA

Went to SiewMei's Convocation last Sunday, Yesh! She's now a fresh graduate! Mmm-mm.. Fresh indeed! LOL..

I had a surprise for her.. Hehehe.. For her once in a lifetime event, I had thought of something only, the Great Lame King would do.. Muahahaha! See more to find out...

Flooded with people.. *gulps*

See that?
She was smiling happily with it!

Siew Mei and Boyfriend

Besties =)

me, siew mei, sook yee

our lunch @ manhattan fish market..
we ordered almost the same dish,
so no point taking the similar pictures

This picture was taken before the lunch was served..
Guess that's what hunger can do to a hungry guy..

Sook Yee likes pictures

I mean she likes to take pictures..
there's 20 over pictures of her on my camera

After that it was my turn..

Silap budget on the camera angle..

So guess what I got for Siew Mei as her graduation gift..

The first one to guess it right,
wins a SonicGear Earphone iPlug 100 from me.
Note#1: Must let me know the name you think suitable
for it... ^_^
Note#2: Siew Mei, Sook Yee and Patrick cannot play.. =P


  1. A bouquet of ferrero rocher chocolate.

    Name for it..sweet sweet


  2. what? is that a box of ferrero chocolates? ;)

  3. WAh... now i feel like graduating too... :D

    When when when ya?

  4. stuffed toy!!! u can name it Lay-mo Jr!!!

  5. AngelYee:

    Well you're nearly there.. But I don't think you know what the bouquet was made of.. ^_^

    The name for it, is nice though *wink*

    Nope, was ... of ferrero chocolates.. Hahaha.. but not a box of it.. i would say ur quite warm..

    Hahahaha.. Our turn will come soon.. ^_^ don't worry about that..

    LOL! Lay-mo JR? Farney ler! hahahaha xD Nice one!

  6. a bag of ferrero chocolates wrapped using banana leafs.

    Nama ah... TarzJane Bouquet.
    Why? Banana leafs look so jungle so is tarzan and Jane. Chocolate symbolize love for friendship or loveship, but here is friendship. Tarzan love Jane. So TarzJane Chocoleaves Bouquet.

    now give me my prize. :P

  7. A bouquet of Ferrero Rocher chocolate wrapped in banana leaf. LOL! (I shouldn't be even taking part in this)

    I would call it... "Garden of Golden Chocolate" ;)

  8. I think I just saw banana leaves wrapping forrero Rocher Chocolate...

  9. Alex:
    LOL.. Congratz bro..
    U win the SonicGear Earphone!
    BUT THE NAME.. ZOMG! Lame sia..

    Woot woot!
    well the prize is over..
    But hmm.. the name.. Ooo..
    Classie.. ^_^

    Yupz! Banana leaves wrapped around the ferrero rocher.. ^_^ u got that right!

  10. HEHEHE.... thanks dude...
    Lame huh? Lame King's effect just influenced my humor sense :D

  11. Will pass to you the prize later.. ^_^ nways, since when la the LAME KING became so influential? wootza! I din know that.. hahahhaa