Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ma' Birthday Lunch!

Haha.. I wasn't really alone on my birthday.. xD

I had company today..
My pretty bestie, Siew Mei.. ^^

Lunch at Restaurant Miu Kai:

wtf.. I look so nuts..

The drinks

the side plate

My main course

She and the drink

We love taking pictures, don't we?

Lastly, received a surprising "gift" from my Queenie:

Queenie: "Hey. The Lamest King in the world!
Happy birthday! You had just officially step into 20.
Ha Ha. Hope you have a wonderful year.

LOL! What a gift!


  1. partay like its ure birthday!..whootwhoot!!..

    happy 20th birthday man~...n_n...

  2. haha.. wootza!
    that's what i did.. except i couldn't find the party..
    had lotsa free meals though.. HAHAHAHA

    thx for the wishes! ^_^

  3. swt... need to post it up meh?

  4. haha.. must post up..
    it's an honor..
    actually I like that msg alot..
    Thx Queenie.. ^_^