Sunday, August 10, 2008

PC Fair

Last weekend (Saturday), went to PC Fair at KLCC to buy me some gadgets and stuffs. Well I met my baby there, seriously superb! Unfortunately I couldn't find the extra gadgets that I wanted. *sigh* Most of the vendors, either did not have a booth there or did not present at all..

Took the train there.. Guess what I saw?

Adidas Ad with broken BM.. =.="
It's suppose to write:
"Jangan perkecilkan kuasa anda"

Then had Brunch at KLCC's McD, guess what?

My friend call for a Sundae, he got a bubbling one!
It was bubbling from the time we got it from the counter,
till he wanted to eat it (i think 10 minutes la)

Then we entered the PC Fair,

She looks nice ei?
I think I've seen her before..
but can't remember where..

Saw the nice Display,

Japanese brand, Japanese theme?

Suddenly, saw a Beijing Olympics Mascot

Took a quicksnap of it
Was rushing actually..

Entered a hall, and stunned for 2 secs

I thought I saw wrongly, air stewardess wor..
Summore smiling at me! NOT!
they saw me camera ma.. =.="

Intel Dudez!

I'm not sure whether they wanted to wave and say Hi,
or they were showing me the new tiny processor..

As we walk,

we bumped into Nurse Joey..
Aik, change job ady ar? LOL... *lame.. =.="

Anyways, in my next post I shall reveal the questions
that left me dumbfounded and made me LOL even when it's over..

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