Sunday, August 10, 2008

Questions that makes you question back..

Alright, from PC Fair, remember there was a P1 WiMax promotion going on (all those who have gone there, you should know)? Well I met a few promoters, who were really... erm.. what's that word again? imprudent? I guess you can say so. No offense but seriously, truth ain't that good sometimes..

Senario #1: As I browse around, a girl (P1 WiMax Promoter)

came and confronted me...

Girl: *speaks in Mandarin*
(Hell I don't even know Mandarin, but I don't blame her)

Me: *Scratches head showing sign that I don't understand*

Girl: *5 minutes later, she stopped* *ask a question in Mandarin*

Me: *i think she ask me to register* I don't understand Mandarin.

Girl: *didn't get the message* *ask a question in Mandarin*

Me: HUH? Can speak in english ar?

Senario #2: After that, another guy (another P1 WiMax Promoter)
came along and promotes...

Guy: Sir, what kind of Internet you use?
*me glads to hear English, but it sounds wrong*

Me: Huh? I thought got only 1 Internet, we all using the same Internet ma. Do you mean what sort of connection I'm using?

Guy: Oh yes, what connection you using?

Me: I'm using broadband connection by Streamyx

Guy: And how do you connect to Internet?

Me: Err, using a modem? (LOL, how am I suppose to answer that??)

Guy: I see, so how is it?

Me: It's bad, I'm not satisfied one bit.

Guy: Oh then you should use our P1 WiMax, free trial

Me: Hmm.. Is it by wireless only or by landline/cable? (seriously i don't know)

Guy: Oh it's wireless cable!

Me: HUH? how to have wireless cables? (What-the-Eff?)

O.M.G! Now I know I still have more to learn...


  1. LOL...wireless cables.
    I think china had that technology 5000yrs ago. It wasn't utilised until p1 wimax came.

  2. wtf yeah~..
    ive been there~...
    got some p1 wimax guys in those 'quarantine' costume..
    went there to grab the free bags...
    i manage to get the last one but before he gave it to me he looked me in the eyes and asked...

    "u tau ka apa wimax tuh??"

    "err..broadband perhaps?..:P"

    "ok ok...u btol~...lpas ni pergi register k"

    "k"..*left without registering*..

    haha~..dat guy got broken english...and malay oso~...adei

  3. wireless cables... I took communication electronics and I've never heard that before... haha! And to me, it IS really irritating when someone just assume I can speak mandarin and keep on talking even though it's extremely obvious that I don't know a word they're saying. If I was there, I won't stay more than 5 minutes

  4. 3POINT8:
    hahaha.. Good One! but seriously.. LOL!

    Hahaha.. my fren got that too..
    lol, they darn funny ler.. ^_^
    make me laugh crazy..

    HAHA.. well im in IT course, and definitely never heard of that too.. *high5* u and i same same.. Great minds think alike.. Ahakz!

  5. Mandarin is a fun language. Do you study it at all? I have been trying to pick up some here and there. I've been going to a free site which has some basic lessons that are OK.

  6. Nope, i haven't studied it before..
    but since it's a recommendation, i'll head there and check it ok.. ^_^ thx ya! *winks*