Thursday, August 21, 2008

RC Deaf Missions @ Amcorp Mall

Last Sunday, went to Amcorp Mall to meet up with CurryEgg to find out more about her social work. I got lucky as I got to meet DustyHawk too, who happened to be there by coincidence.

So all three of us, were practically helping a little there, since we were there. Thought it'd be a good idea. The people whom we were lending a help (well sorta) was the RC Deaf Missions *yes, you should know by now*

"RC Deaf Missions was set up by 2 siblings - Mario and Agnes - who have journeyed several years with the Deaf community. Read more to find out what was the turning point for one of them to see the Mission become a reality"

Their main aims are to help the deafs by providing:
  • Career and business opportunities
  • Consultancy and Training
  • Sign Language Interpretation
  • Sign Language Courses
  • Deaf Studies
  • and many more...

That's a brief introduction of what RC Deaf Missions are about..
I was there to help for a short while, didn't really help much though, buat kacau got la.. Haha
All that I'm good at is talking, so I helped out by talking alot..

The worse part, is that I nearly made them rugi (loss) by selling their products
at a lower rate. OMG, mistake mistake.. Damn Paiseh..
Some more I couldn't tell the customer to pay extra, cause that would
be even worse. To fix it, I paid the "extras" needed...
See la, what kind of help is that.. Fail weih.. Sad case..

that's that, soooo.......

Now, picha Time!

DustyHawk, CurryEgg, Jeffro

That's one of the crew looking up when she noticed me..
*Apologies, 'cause I'm not good with names*

The advert board

Cards: Festive and Art Piece

The display
Note2all: Some of the artworks have appeared on the papers.

Them focusing on what is being "told"


Then came lunch time

Couldn't get a clear shot of their communication
using sign language.. *sigh*

CurryEgg took this.. *wink*

Back to work

Quite a number of people who wants to support this..

here, take a good look at it..
if you're interested, sign up for the sign language classes
and get to know how people communicate using them..

trust me it ain't easy, I can't even "say" Hi properly.. =.="

caught CurryEgg slacking!
Haha.. no la, just joking..
She was just taking a picture of the other crews.

just a random shot.. don't bother it..

the aquarium diagonally opposite the booth..

Took this before I said good bye to them..

I was kinda tired, don't know how they could last so long.. Nways, if you have some free time do lend a helping hand to our fellow friends at RC Deaf Missions' booth. You can start off by showing them support at Amcorp Mall, PJ.

See more:
Here and here


  1. so who made the artworks? was it the people from RC deaf missions?

  2. Like that also tired! so teruk 1 o..
    Thats the most senang job compare to Youth'08! hahaha :P
    Although no paid for u XD

  3. Lol... I saw myself in Jeffro's blog.. haha...
    It's great to meet you in the mall and thank for helping. You're a great helper.
    I will be there again, tomorrow... :)

    Have a nice day.. ^_^

  4. michy:
    Artist who are now being helped by RC Deaf Missions.. Seriously very talented artist.. *envy... wish i could draw like 'em*

    i mmg lidat wan la...
    no aircond ma.. quite warm..
    but it was fun though.. ^_^

    hahaha.. yeah! Ur on my blog!
    *winks* Do enjoy yourself there k?
    Sorry I wouldn't be able to join u.
    Coz i've got some plans on..
    Take care!