Monday, August 04, 2008


Taken a snap shot of before-and-after haircut

I begin to wonder.. Other than the messy-ness,
Got difference ar?


  1. Yo Jeff!

    What do you mean got difference ar? Of course! There's a whole world of difference! For one, the "NEAT" haircut is neater around the sides, and it makes you look very clean-cut, in a retro kind of way (which is good for you)

    The "MESSY" haircut is also a good look for you, though, I daresay you have a very guy-next-door quality about your features that works to your advantage with most hairstyles.

    Still, you have a rather sharp face (oval or whatever you like to call it) so maybe the next time, you might want to leave some more hair along the sides to frame it up and accentuate the 'sharpness' (I'm told that's about 4 or 5 on a girl's list of physical things to look out for in a guy)


  2. ure messy looks like one of those anime la...

  3. Cyren:
    Ssup? Haha.. guy-next-door
    I do? Oooo.. Cool!
    Well clean-cut always make me look rather normal, towards the retro or old school clean cut sort of way..
    I tried doing punk, mohawk, but they dun fit me.. or is it just me? O__O

    Haha.. Yupz, I used to be able to style up the hair like Goku in Dragonball series.. ^_^