Sunday, August 10, 2008


This post goes way back a month ago... I don't think it's anything special..
but SURELY something's happening!!

First of all,

Friend's laptop's display kong (means died)
*the picture was longer than a month ago, =P


I'm using an external wireless that needs a boost in altitude.. =.="
*see that white thing, beside the Happening word?

After that,

Joey's turning people on?
*she showing her curves xD

Later on,

999 tabs! BOOYAH!
*time constraint only allowed me to do that much


Nearly 1pm lor.. Lunch time!
*just a random shot of my watch

But before that,

Caught a picture of me snapping a picture of her
*my cam quite blur.. sorry xD

Last but not least,

*unfortunately my phone got scratches, not nice liao =.="

Damn happening right?

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