Thursday, August 07, 2008

Commenting Spree!

looking at this screenshot which I've taken really makes me LOL...
Seriously, this would be the most I've commented on a person's blog (even my usual other comment-able blogs, each of them, wouldn't be this much)

45 till there..
(there's more actually.. hahah)

Of course, for me to leave comments, it's either the post was interesting, or it has something which I believe I have in common with.. it depends, but this much, means I consider the person a friend of mine.. Surprised by it? Haha.. Well don't need to, it's normal for me.. Besides, this person updates often/regularly, so can't blame me.. ^_^

Note: It's not a spam.. Get that right.. I don't simply comment on post for no particular reason

Btw, Schmae said I'm a P**Stalker, (=.=")
LOL, No I'm not..

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