Monday, August 11, 2008

In College during holidays?

Haha.. Yeah, normally I wouldn't do that, but last week I did, for a purpose though. I needed to ask ChungLern about matters related to camera (yesh, I'm gonna get a camera soon!).

So got some advices from him. Why him? Coz' he's a friend of mine, and he's a photographer (has a Canon 20D, hehe) and of course, he said that he could help out.. Haha..

Criteria in searching for cameras:
  • Main purpose: Professional or Point-and-shoot photography?
  • Budget: How much you can afford to spend on it?
  • Type of Shots: Macro? Range? Fast Speed? or All?
  • Brands: Preference of brands
  • Self Sacrifice: How much effort are you willing to put into the camera?
I didn't know there was lots to think of. O_O
Thanks to ChungLern, I got things clearer. *winks*
Thanks man!

After the chat, met with AaronHo, who later on brought ShengMae into the scene. LOL
At first, I thought she looked rather familiar but I still couldn't recognize her, and had to ask ChungLern and AaronHo whether she was who I thought she is (that's when she stepped outside for a while). LOL.. I know I very za dou.. *paiseh*

Ohh yeah, ChungLern mentioned: "That's cause she's prettier than picture right?"
I only smiled in agreement.. *winks*

Then, she came into the room (I think she heard what we said, cause she smiled at me, LOL)
And we all chit chat..

That's where I started taking pictures.. (^_^)V


Serious weih

*She wouldn't allow me to post up the other picture..*

Just a random shot. Haha.

Nways, I was there till 4pm, had to leave early to meet me schweetheart....

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