Friday, January 04, 2013

Day #1

Didn't know how to respond to her text, he went into thinking mode and not long after that, he fell asleep (good job bro, *pats back with shame*). While figuring out what to reply her, he was thinking how to cheer her up. He felt somehow that she might still be a little unhappy, and he came up with a brilliant plan! To make her it day!

And when she replied.. that was it! Text after text, they both communicated easily! He figured that she was feeling much much better after some uncalled for lame jokes. They started chatting about what they do to how they were doing at office.

Without realizing it was close to after office hours. Time passes by quickly. Even with loads of work, it didn't feel as hectic as it usually did. They were still chatting.

It felt like minutes, but in fact it was hours...
To ensure she'll keep laughing, or at least smiling, he makes silly jokes and even brought back out a long forgotten habit of making silly rhymes (boy is he surprised that he's still that lame.. but knowing that she'll smile and even laugh, lame is cool.. lame is worth it)

Are you cool enough be lame?

An idea spark! He knew of an event that will loosen her up. What she needs isn't any conventional invitation. And so, he invites her to a.. dance (*plays smooth operator~*). She shyly agrees and he secretly says YES!

Will you go on a ... dance, with me?
smooth operator~~ smooth operator~~

Later that night, he decided to give her a call. But little did he know that it became an almost 2 hour chat! Best 2-hours call he'd ever had! Throughout the call, he was practically laughing more than her. Hoping that his laughter can cheer her up. He knows he was in high spirits, so he had to control a little as he didn't want to freak her out. He finds it very fun talking with her, but he had to end the call 'cause she has to get her beauty rest. Reluctantly he ends the call that night and hopes that she would have herself a great night sleep. Secretly wishes it might just be what she needs in days.

That sparked the birth of the Project 365, which purely aims to make sure she stays happy all the time at least for the next 364 days to go.

The reason for Project 365

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