Friday, January 25, 2013

Day #20

It's the start of a brand new week! This week onwards he had to go in extra early to work , due to his massive workload on his desk. Being fully concentrated at work, he didn't even have to worry about non-work related matters.

However, he was pretty sleepy that particular Monday. Well, the night before (yes the night of the weekend where he blew it), she called him. She poured out her heart and cried saying that it's been so difficult and stressful, to hang on and be strong. His heart was crushed, and he wished he could have been there by her side to console her. He knew he couldn't go along with the flow, otherwise he won't be able to help her. So he took a couple a deep breath, calmed down and talked with her. She was very very stressed, and she was at her limits. He knew he had to get back on her feet, otherwise she'll only suffer more. So, he played reverse psychology on her. He offered to help her with her work to help ease her load a little and so that she can get some sleep. But she wanted to do some work too, and they were up for quite a while before she turned in to sleep. He stayed up a little longer to make sure he finished his part.

Whilst being busy and all at work, one thought just could not leave him - Was she alright? He prays and hopes that she is alright. Knowing he can't do much, he continued on with his work. The quicker and faster he could finish, the more time he could spend being on standby for her in the event she needs someone, or just help her out.

By end of the day, he was exhausted. All he hope for was the effort in his work would eventually pay out. It is the closing week of accounts after all, so he need to make sure all necessary works have been accounted for. He just drops her a couple of messages hoping that she'll be alright. Then, continued on with his minor exercises and nightly prayers for her before sleeping.

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