Saturday, January 05, 2013

Day #3

Ain't highschool time anymore, so 2 nights in a row of sleeping past bedtime wasn't contributing to productivity. Of course, he knew what's the reason for her being tired so early in the day time. Sent her a funny image to give her a booster start for the day.

He sends her something funny in the morning

~Close enough~
The day was pretty much very busy for the both of them. He had lots of work to follow up on. But he had his focus on the evening's plan, so his spirits was up the entire day. She on the other hand, was pretty caught up with work, so she only replied him as and when she could. Knowing that it wasn't her best mornings, he thought he'd prepared something for her as a surprise and was very positive that it would somehow boost her morale up.

Juggling between paperwork and calls

On the inside he was go Hoorahh~!

In the afternoon, she told him that her has workload piled up and she didn't feel like dancing in the evening. She didn't want to disappoint him so she asked if he had other plans instead. Just for a moment, he was disappointed (approx. 1 second). Although he was looking forward to dancing with her, but he knew his priority was just to spend the evening to have fun with her and let her to loosen up. So, he checked with her if she was up for dinner and movie. She say she's generally alright with it, with some exceptions to the movie selection and food. Then quickly, he planned and made the arrangements for the evening, postponing all his prior plans to another time.

"Y u no want to dance?!"

Plan B in action!
So, he had everything set - time, location, things to do. Only thing he couldn't account for was the weather. It was raining heavily, and he was caught in jam! Took him nearly 2 hours to reach the destination (which usually takes less than 30 minutes). He didn't want her to wait (a guy should never ever make a girl wait), and thank goodness he was saved. Apparently, she was caught in a slow traffic where she worked. He understood her situation and assured her that he wont be waiting for her miserably. When she told him that she would be late, he actually exhaled in relief.

His situation
Her situation 

He managed to get the movie tickets on time, and decided to just walk around. There was nothing much happening due to the heavy rain, so he went on to get a good read. Not too long after that, she texted him that she would be there in 5 minutes. Knowing that she might not even had anything to eat for dinner, he politely asked her what she'd like to get as a light bite. She was reluctant to eat, and he gently asked her again. She wanted wedges and some drinks. Only thing that came across his mind was some good ol' cheesy wedges, that would be great for her. So he ran off to get some, but the location was rather a distance away from the movies, so by the time he got his order keyed in, she had already arrived. The timing couldn't be better! Quickly, he paced back to the entrance of the movie where she was waiting. She was wondering where he had went to because she thought he'd get the wedges from the cinema. *facepalm* He forgotten about that! He made a safe with a quick cover of a professional food delivery person.

What he saw when he saw her  that's what he felt when he saw her

Only the best for the lady
Well, he got the food just in time for the movies. So they went in and he had to "smuggle" the food in. Was a little embarrassed, he softly apologizes. She was cool with it. The movie was alright, wasn't the best, but she did had a good time and laughter. He was pleased.

She's hilarious too!

After movie, they went for supper and it was then story telling time. She wanted to know more about him. So she looked at him with a nice round eyes and got him to talk. Their conversation transition from story telling to "interviewing" each other. An awkward experience, but nevertheless he finds it enjoyable. He shared his life experience and his personal history, and she did the same too. He simply loves the moment! He learned so much about her, her experiences and her preferences. (details are only for him to know *evil grins*)

Not that glamorous, but close enough?
*coughs* downgrade that by half *coughs*

They realized it, but it was awkwardly funny

The night wasn't growing any younger, and he had work the very morning. Of course he didn't tell her, 'cause he knew, being nice as she is, she wouldn't have let their conversation continued past midnight. So once he arrived home, only then he informed her about it. She was shocked that he reached home so quickly (but he knows she's the one to be shocked about - she's speedy gonzales. He daren't imagine her with a GTR or a GTi). He explained the road was clear and at a steady and pretty safe speed, it's possible to reach home in a short period. They texted each other the same thing - next time he will drive, and she will time him. Compatible, no?

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