Friday, January 25, 2013

Day #16

Closing into the weekend, time's really ticking off the clock. Pressure is piling up as he is short of time to deliver some results before the month ends. It's a tough time for him and his clients. From morning till evening, he had to push hard to close his clients on the package deal that supposedly was signed weeks ago (his clients' boss had some approval issues).

But good waves came about as well. It came in between his work. One of them was something beyond his expectation. He received a text message from his bestie! After many text and voicemails, he got a reply from his bestie - for dinner! He hadn't seen his bestie in a very long while - it's almost a year or so. They had a good chat and catch up over dinner. After dinner, they had an adventure hunting for each other's car. Guess some things never change.

After that, he headed off to a party downtown. Other than the new year's eve party previously, he hadn't let loose in a while. He needed something to just break free from the tension built. And that night, he did. Booze and boom-boom music got rid of a lot of negatives within him. But the night wasn't always going to stay young for him, and he had a lot of work to do the following day - meetings and meetings!

Before he knew it, it was past 2am when he got home. Prepared for tomorrow's meals and work, then he did some minor exercises and finished off the night with simple and quiet prayers for her.

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