Monday, January 14, 2013

Day #12

Got up early to join his buddy at breakfast and follow his friend to the workshop to get his car checked on the air conditioner. Apparently after the recent accident, the car air-cond wasn't cold and had a rather unpleasant sound when switched on. He had to get it done 'cause it's his primary car for business and work.

Much to his relief it was only low on gas, but he was rather upset to learn about the cheapskate work that was done by another workshop during the claim period. He was told that it's the usual practice for many unethical workshop out there who wants to make a high margin profit due to the to many competition in the market. He was advised to get his car serviced soon, just to be on the safe side.

Pop the bonet up, plug it to some cables.
An hour plus later, air conditioner was great!

After that, went back, did some work and snoozed a little until it was dinner time. Woke up with an infected sore eye. Couldn't do much, he just had to cool off the eye with some ice packs.

Behold the eye!
His eye was redder than this =(

The cooling pack for his eyes came in very handy

He fell asleep soundly while his eyes were cooling off

A pretty mundane day it has been for him, and he just wandered off in thoughts. A light bulb moment for him came about. He looked into the mirror and figured since he had trim down most of the fats he had, it would be a good time to start building up muscle mass and get buffer. He remembered some tips from his personal training friends, and starts to work out a plan. As he doesn't have gym access (and doesn't plan to get one), he'll need to make do of what he has at home. Someone told him that he shouldn't go any smaller, otherwise that someone would look bigger than him. He'll probably use that as a kick-start motivation.

Wow this picture is perfect to depict his situation!

He is not too greedy, this would be good enough
Muscle mass +5kg will help

This would be a bonus - a little more defined.
Here muscle mass should be +8kg will do it for him.

So he has got 5-8kg worth of muscles to build if he wants to get those defined shape. Not impossible, just some discipline and hard work.

(wondering if he has time for it, since he is already bogged down by his business and work. Let's see how he'll fare in plan.)

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