Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day #8

Things are yet to go back to normal, not especially when his primary car is still at the workshop and he has to send him mum to work every morning before he goes into office. He got in work late, due to slow traffic, but he had anticipated it. She woke up late (got to work late too) and she was not happy. He learns that her boss wasn't that all nice with her, and was told to be a little cautious while talking her - no one should ever piss a lady in rage, not unless you wanna get burned.

he bet that's her expression throughout most of the day.
He was bogged down by the loads of work that seems never ending. So he placed more concentration at work, whilst at the same time, just hoping that she's alright (though he knew that she'll be able to handle things well by herself). Nearing the end of the day, as he still in the midst of his work, she was nearly going ballistics. Unsure of what he can do to make her feel better, he just did up a simple surprise for her. He made the necessary plannings to accommodate the surprise. Like all plans, they need to be executed. And so he did.

That's not him, but that's how he looked like planning the surprise.
He dropped by her office after his last meeting. Quickly he wanted to pass the parcel to her colleague to have it given to her, but he was spotted before he could make a run for it. Hoping she'd be at least a little taken away by his efforts, it turns out he could have gotten a better timing - she was in fumes, and somehow his surprise didn't help one bit. A little disappointed, he understands how she felt - He's been there, he knows that some things even though for good intention, but at the wrongest time, don't look good one bit. He apologized for it.

A couple of text sent to her to apologize for his actions,
but not for his intentions.
He was out knocked out cold on his bed as soon as he got home - had to forgo all his later meetings because he had splitting headaches, and was non-stop coughing. Waking up hours later due to sleeping in wrong position, he had something light to bite and went back to bed. Then, he woke up again just before mid night for unknown reasons, and he couldn't go back to sleep. Though with his head still feeling light, he couldn't fall asleep. So, he spent time just polishing up some unfinished works, just reflecting on what had happened, and what he is going to do.

Despite disliking them, they were his only solution at the point of time.

This is too comfortable a position; He woke up with some numb limbs.
Read a message she posted, it seems she had gotten the wrong impression about him. He didn't feel the need to explain to her, not especially recalling how she reacted earlier; he only sent in an apology message. He had no intention of impressing her or showing off his creativity ('cause he knew he was creative enough =P). He just thought what he did, had a slight chance of making her feel better, so followed his heart and took a chance (but, obviously it didn't go well). He realized his actions might have dissed her (she said it before, but he ignored and went ahead with it), but there's nothing he could really do except just hoping she'd be in a better mood to talk later.

Yup, that's the situation alright, or maybe worse.

There's just too many things going on in his head.. 

Pray hard ...
oh, but he didn't forget his daily prayers for her =)

(the following days would be mundane, but who knows what might happen. He only hopes for the best.)

Possibly scenario? Well, if it happens, it'll be an epic chapter too.

That's right =)

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