Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day #26

Couldn't wake up for early breakfast as he had trouble sleeping. He felt like crap trying to get out of bed. Thankfully the facilitators were very nice to prolong breakfast hours for the group. He was very grateful to the coordinators for being understanding.

They had their breakfast, and a good morning chat with the facilitator. Then, it was time to say good bye to the place and hello to city life again. He might actually miss the place because it was a good getaway from busy town life, but he knows he appreciates the phone services more, back in town.

Packed their begs and headed home separately. He had to send his colleague back first. Knowing that his back isn't in the best of shape, he drove a little faster than usual and managed to reached town in less than 1.5 hours. Texted both his mum and her that he has safely reached town. Thereafter, he headed back home to get a good rest.

She then replied saying that she was a little bored and suggested a couple of stuffs to do. After shooting out some ideas, she finally decided on KFC and movie at her place with her best buddy and him. He then went to pick her best buddy up and went hunting for the food from one place to another. Had to make sure the chickens were the last on list because wanted to eat it while its still hot.

Arrived at her place slightly later than planned, and he immediately helped set up the TV and cables. She was brilliant at the planning! They all enjoyed the food and movie - they watched 2 movies and had plenty of chickens & wedges. But his back wasn't feeling comfortable at all, he couldn't sit still for long - it almost felt like he was too fidgety. He hopes she didn't noticed that. Thankfully, the food portion was enough for her and her family as well. Unfortunately, her family members had their dinner before they came back, leaving her, her best buddy and him to eat more. So her family just joined in for the movies only. They all had a good laugh. Quietly, he peeked at her a few times because he likes to see her laugh and smile - it makes him happy and she's truly beautiful that way. When she caught him looking at her, he just smiled and looks away (didn't want to be rude or anything).

After that, she invited her best buddy and him to join her for a drink with her old time friends. Naturally he agreed to it; her best buddy was alright with it too. During the drive there, he made a supposedly friendly comment about communicating with her father but it didn't go too well. He could have phrased it better so that she wouldn't have misunderstood what he meant. It was an awkward silence for them in the car for a couple of minutes. He wasn't a fan of silence but he didn't want to say anything further that might make things worse, and so he kept quiet, until she suggested to find parking at a slightly further place. He was thankful that she broke the silence because it also meant that she might have cut him some slack on that. He slowly exhaled in relief. Her best buddy told him that she had never seen her like that before. He then realized how much she loved her family and understands that he has to be more cautious about his words. He then apologizes to her.

They joined in the her group of friends for a chat. They all happily laughed and enjoyed the chat. Jolly time passes pretty quickly, and it was the end of the night for a few of them. The remaining people in the group decided to grab some supper and they headed to the cafe across the street. They continued their chat there until it was somewhat pretty late for everyone else.

He kept an eye on her, to see if she was totally cool or still angry at him, but she seemed pretty alright throughout the night. At the same time, somehow he felt there was something strange going on between her and some of them - it's like one of the guys were more than friends with her at a stage before this. Probably nothing, but his instincts tells him there's something lurking about. She was pretty sensitive with some comments made about him, and that gave him a bigger hunch about his feelings. Well, since he couldn't do anything about it anyways, so he decided to just let it go (never act upon gut feel without any solid or concrete back up, otherwise it'll be a regret). Her friend offered to send her back; He sent her best friend back and quickly hurried home to get some good shut eye (didn't want to think too much).

He prayed that whatever it is that might come, may it be a good thing for her and that she is always protected from harm.

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