Sunday, January 13, 2013

How Much is Your Health Worth?

"Health should not be something you wanna put a price tag on. Do whatever it takes to get into better health, not for today, tomorrow or next week. But for the years to come and the times you really wanna be in health to enjoy the sweet and precious moments." Jeffrey Ong, Lifestyle Consultant

Have you heard of people who frequently or casually say "We only live once", "Life is short", or even "We all die anyways"? I have. And I had been once of those who say it on a daily basis.

We can't tell how long we'll live, or short our straws are...
So why not take a good bet on our health and make it count?

While that maybe true, the big question is really "What if you were given a longer life than others? You couldn't die as early as you think, what then?" That question struck me over half a year ago, when I witness a family relative passed away while suffering major health complications.

We often take things for granted, especially our health, don't we? We get influenced by others who don't know the value of their own lives, and we start putting a price tag on ours. We eat cheap, work long hours, sleep less, exercise rarely and yet we expect to live healthy. You don't? Good for you then. I'm talking to the ones who don't, but complain about their health every now and then.

If you can work them all, then you'll be truly health.
But even 1/3 of that is a good start.

Everything we do, affects our health

My health coach once told me, "You can't expect to buy a gym membership, not doing anything and hoping you'll slim down or buff up. A few classes don't cut it either." Ring a bell, people?

There's lot of information online and there a number of qualified health advisors and coaches. Don't just ask for information, and store it away. Don't say it's expensive, when really what lies ahead is in the values of longevity over the next few decades.

Stop falling back into the trick of price tagging solutions and looking for the cheapest way out. WAKE UP, there is NO SHORTCUT to health. HEALTH IS NOT CHEAP. If it is, wouldn't everyone be healthy today? Wouldn't organic food be more affordable? Think about it!

It's like comparing Bata shoes to Zara shoes. Preve to Mercedes Benz. Kelisa to Mini Cooper.      (No offense to Bata, Proton or Perodua fans)

How much has surgical operations and medicine fees increased over the recent years? Would you prefer to go onto the hospital bed? Or would you like to take some preventive measures starting now?

Look it up yourself at one of a published article: Rising Pressure of Healthcare CostIt is believed that medical inflation is going at about the average of 12% per annum - High Medical Inflation Rates

What you do today - eat, live, work or sleep - doesn't affect tomorrow, the day after or next week. It might not even do anything next month. But it'll come back to you in the most unwanted circumstances through compounded effects, with interest. Look around us, especially those in the late 30s, mid 40s or early 50s. How many of them are in good shape? Ask yourself then, what condition would you like to be in when you're at 50?

Which situation would you rather be in when you're 50 and above?

My point is, being healthy takes effort, some money and a change of lifestyle. Would you place a price tag on your life? How much would your life be worth?

Here's some freebies for you, all the way from Harvard School of Public Health:
Healthy Eating Pyramid

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