Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day #7

First thing in the morning as he stepped into his office, he is already presented with tonnes of work pending from before the new year. He had expected it, so he did his usually plannings and execution. She was mostly in and out of office doing work. So they didn't chat much.

Towards the end of work, he checked with her if she had remembered to eat (knowing how dedicated she is to her work, chances that she'd missed out on the food in between is pretty big). She told him, if all is alright and her appointment could be pushed off, she would have dinner with him. He was glad - not only she'll have dinner, but with him too. At that moment, while completing his work he just lingered around not too far away from where they were suppose to meet for dinner.

Plan changed; Eventually, he had to get his own dinner.
But he didn't felt hungry, so he had a light one.

He made a call to one of his buddies to inquire about a new laptop on behalf of another friend, and got to know this buddy isn't feeling. His buddy wanted to release stress through joy driving. He was a little worried about the buddy as he knew the buddy's driving style. He got a message from her that she'll be having dinner with her boss, and he knew he could now accompany his buddy to at least make sure that his buddy was safe. Told her about it just so that she is informed of what's happening. (The author does not wish to dwell or explain further about what joy-driving is)

I guess a picture tells it all?

He was the "co-driver" or so to say...

From instant acceleration, to tight cornering, tailgating and overtaking cars,
It was a pretty immense joy-ride they had...

After a couple hours of joy-ride, he finally got back. It was so chilly up there, that he and his buddy couldn't stand outside longer than 5 minutes. With all the cold air he had that night, he felt a little sickly. Every "fun" stuff must come to an end. After texting, telling her that he's arrived home safely, he went to bed almost immediately.

flat out on the couch to be more exact...
only to wake up in the wee hours of the morning, to crawl into bed

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