Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day #13

Another Monday has rolled up. He made it a little different than usual. He woke up early to go to the market to buy some vegetables for his whole day meal. He is on a mission to regulate his food intake with aims to increase muscle mass the healthy way.

Went to work, did as much as he could. Ate as good as he would. Some good news turn about, and some didn't. He made a couple of appointments that evening. One of his appointment was an interesting sharing of business concept, but unfortunately the catch wasn't attractive for him. Another idea caught his attention - but it would take up his night time away for a couple of nights weekly. He thought it would be a great chance to explore new market opportunities as well as get to know different circle of friends.

No harm getting to know more friends right?

He thinks of it as a new challenge, and if it works it'll be great. Otherwise, it'll be an experience for him =)

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