Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day #11

Morning came; it just felt strange and awkward for him. Somehow he had his first instincts to text her, but quickly recalled that it's just not it. (So much for his standings, pfft!). He picked up his phone, looked at it and just chucked it aside. He realizes he had more feelings to her, than he had expected. He inhaled and exhaled the worries out, and went on with his day.

He spent some time in the morning to reflect on things

Took his mum to the physician early in the morning. His mum's arm was injured a few years back, but he thought she was okay after the several treatments from the local hospital. His mum even went for a couple sessions of physiotherapy. But this time around, he was sure it was no small muscle inflammation. Got it checked out, and it was as he expected, it was a muscle injury that didn't healed fully back then. It only been subdued, but didn't get a chance to fully recuperate. A few hours there, and his mum says he felt so much better. The physician said a few more sessions and proper rest, and his mum would be alright. During this period, he recalled about her and her back pain - similar situations no? She had her back injured, and until now from time to time, she still faces pain. It could be the same. He again wanted to text her, but he remembered she just needed space. Hence, he looked at the phone and just hid it inside his pocket.

Occasionally, his mum says she has a discomfort or sharp pain at the elbow.

She was provided with a cooling pad as well as a support pad for her elbow.
I think the physician mentioned that its good to distribute the elbow stress.

Worried, but unable to do anything.
He just has to keep it in thoughts, with simple prayers every night.

Later that afternoon, he had a business meeting with his partners. He needed to plan out the days ahead and strategize on their marketing plans. After 2 hours of solid and fruitful discussion, he had gained much clarity and was ready to make his move. Analyzing his current financial status, he knew what he had to do next. He had plans - this year, next 2 years, and coming 5 years. He had regained his focus. All he need is much discipline and motivation. He thought of her, and he knew that his time would be better off focusing on what will help him in the future, and at the same time... wait for her. He knows he can't just let it go, it would be pointless trying to forget about it - he'll never be able to get over her, if he tries to do so; a strange yet funny mechanism, isn't it? So, he decided that he'll just wait it out.

Ideas were thrown on the table.
They talked about branding and marketing strategy.
Serious business!

They had to look into short term and long term profits.
A proper business plan includes action plans, milestones and visions.

Time is of the essence.
Delay progress, delay rewards.
But it's not instant at all, it's all about delayed gratification =)

He doesn't have much hopes placed on the wait, but he knew that something good's going to happen. It always does =)

Gotta always feel like a million bucks, if you wanna attract a million bucks!

[Good comes to those who wait (and of course, they must do their part) with good faith.]

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