Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Day #6

It was a Monday! Back to work for the both of them. Things are picking up at a very quick pace, since it's the week after new year. He's pretty busy, and so is she.

Later that morning, she told him that she wasn't feeling well - back ache. Made him worry a little actually, as he knew it was not a small issue. But she assured him that she's alright. As he did his work, he made sure he was on standby for her.

He was mostly focused on his work,
Or at least, he made it look that way =P

Time passed by quite quickly when things are busy. He had a dinner appointment with his best buddy. Hadn't seen her in months! They had a good dinner and conversation catching up with what had happened in the recent months. Then he was asked about her. Somehow, he didn't realize he got excited talking about her, until his best buddy told him about it. The best buddy advised him to go on with the flow and trust the heart on what's feels right to do. Few hours passed by, and dinner was over. They parted ways.

Work work work, and then you know it's time to get off work :)
Well, he and his best buddy shared stuffs.
But not so tensed and they were certainly in a seated position.

He went for quick last minute appointment with his business associate. A little concerned if she's alright, he cut short the meeting and headed home. Thought he'd be able to chat up with her, but there was a few text between them only. She was feeling tired, after all that work with the back pain; he understood and bid her good night.
He prays in secret before he heads to bed:
"Angels east, north, south and west,
Guide her please, just do your best,
To watch over her, protect and heal her while she rest "
He just wants what's best for her


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    1. @Christabel:
      That's a prayer I do every night, since then :)