Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day #24

With only a couple of hours of shut-eye, he still managed to get into the hype of the whole company trip thing. Did his last minute checking of items, send out couple of text to her and others, before jumping into the car and starting his journey.

Picked up his colleagues from a rendezvous point, and they headed straight to the destination. It was about a 2-hours journey, with some stops in between to get breakfast. He reached a group-meet-up point pretty early and waited for the rest to arrive. When most of them were around, they headed to the place. The remaining ones decided to directly meet at the location because they were already late.

As soon as they reached the place, it was lunch time already. They unloaded their luggage and immediately had their lunch. Right after that, they started their first activity - Obstacles, a series of challenges from rope crossing, steps across a lake, commando crawl to climbing a tall hurdle. He was hyped, and he managed to complete the challenge within a short time and went for the repeat them a few times to help his colleagues out. They were in groups and they had to work as a team to ensure no one gets left behind and every one has a fair chance at the obstacles. So, he and his group mates plan out a scheme to make it in the quickest and most effective manner.

After Obstacles, immediately was Kayaking. Tiring but fun, because it was the first time for everyone on the team. Everyone who observed commented; every one else who commented, when it was their turn, made the same mistakes and others were commenting back - like an endless cycle of pot calling the kettle black.

Subsequently, everyone had their dinner. He had 2-3 servings each meal that day. Tired and very full, he thought after dinner he would be heading to a very nice bed like a happy man on vacation. Little did he know that after dinner there would be a karaoke session - everyone had to participate, whether they like it or not. He was almost already on the verge of losing his voice, no thanks to the encouraging screams he made earlier that day; but for the people and the fun, he sang along even though he was cracking his voice 11 out of 10 songs (yes, pun intended).

Whilst the day and night was seemingly fun, he was a lil frustrated that he couldn't get a good reception there. Wanted to text her and call his mum, but due to poor reception, he couldn't even dial out or text anyone when he want too. His text messages only could be sent out hours later. He messaged his bestie to wish her happy birthday, but his bestie only received it minutes before it ends.

All activities for the day ended by about midnight, and everyone went back to their own huts - yes huts, he thought it would be a resort (hotel style) so he didn't bring much toiletries. Had to borrow his room mates' towel and body shampoo. He was a little disappointed that he didn't take the effort to research the place a little more. But nevertheless, it was a good experience for him. He's looking forward to the next day's activities - waterfall abseiling and paintball. Luckily he didn't invited her along for this, because she wouldn't have liked it - outdoor with lots of mosquitoes! But he felt she was a little worked up as he remembered she mentioned about work parcel not arriving on time. He just prayed that things would be alright for her and thereafter he went to bed.

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