Monday, January 07, 2013

Day #4

It's the weekend, but he had to go to work. She stayed at home, washed the car and cleaned her room. Pretty mundane, but he's restless due to sleep deprived. He couldn't sleep much due to thinking back on their conversation the night before. Struck him to sorta think again about what she had mentioned to him and what he had said to her as well. Practically he zombied out the whole day at work. He felt that he was talking a lot of rubbish to her (though later that evening, she told him it's not), he figured he wanted to do something about it. He planned for it.

Gahh, even coffee couldn't fix it!

Got a last minute arrangements his clients, he knew he had to be running around town later in the day. Quickly he worked out a couple of things on a surprise for her. Worried that he might be out till late, he rushed it out a little.

Off he went to see the clients, only to know that they cannot be reached at the moment of their appointments. Was a little disappointed, but he knew he had more time to work the on surprise. Lots of trial and error, putting it to the test one after the other. It was not something he had done before, but he knew it would be worth it. He made over 20 attempts to finally have something that's worth sharing with her. Excitedly he made some touch ups and he was ready to give her.

You'll never know what it is =P

Got back after waiting out for his clients, he texted her to see if she was doing anything. He shared it out with her. She replied but it wasn't quite the response he thought he'd get. A little shy of the excited reply he was looking for, he went on with the conversation. They had a little chat. (No details can be spared) But it made him realize and understood a lot of things. He simply loves her honesty.

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