Friday, January 25, 2013

Day #15

Whilst yesterday's result was pretty good, today's result was a little sappy. Although half the day was filled with meetings, leaving him with only second half of the day to do some real work, he didn't give up an inch. He made sure he was on full throttle till the end of the day.

He is under immense pressure from work, and there's pretty much nothing that he can do, except to show some results in numbers if he wanna get off the hook. Though he hasn't been working for long, but he is aware of one thing which is, this is the first time that he had put in great effort but not much of results were showing.

Gave it a good thought while working his time, and figured it could be in his approach and also self-talk. He decided to spend some good time in fine-tuning his approach and also his self-talk about his clients. At this point of time, he couldn't think of anything else besides his office work. And so he devised and revised his work plans. He doesn't mind getting scolded or sacked at work, because he knows his superiors and seniors are doing it for his own good. He felt if that could help him get results, by all means he'd welcome all the scolding *rolls eyes*.

Stayed back for another few hours to finish prepping his work ahead of time. Went back home, feeling all tired, he still managed to get some time to do some minor work out. "All goals are aligned and in progress to achievement!" and that's what he said to himself. Then, just before he sleeps, he silently said a prayer for himself and for her. That one moment that became a special thing for him to do before he snoozes each night.

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