Friday, January 25, 2013

Day #18 & #19

I really don't know how to put this in words for these 2 days... The story has really turned complicated. All I can say is that the story line could have been simpler, if he didn't let silly things happen. I am surprised by how it went up and *whistles* down to the drain.


She texted him, wondering if he would like to hang out during the weekends to accompany her to do some work. Well, of course he'd like to. Had to make a couple of arrangements to move his plans around. And that's what he did. What he didn't realized was that it was a chance. (Think anyone could have figured out? *facepalm*)

Saturday ended pretty quickly, and by the end of the day, he felt they could start talking already and he thought they'll be cool again. Came Sunday, she asked if he want to help her with the remaining parts of her work, and he figured why not. Now, for some unknown reasons (must be anything stupid), when they hung out, he was hardly even present (stoning away, they say). The basic fundamentals of greeting & serving people seemed foreign to him that day. (Get ready to facepalm) What's worse is that the words that comes out from his mouth was "poisonous" and irreversible. He made fun of things he shouldn't have to, and he somehow gave "cold shoulders" to people without realizing it himself.*double facepalm*

She was unhappy. She really is. Being honest, she shared with him the things that he could have done better, if he did intend to make a move on her. When he finally realizes his mistakes, he was stupefied. He blew it. And to double that cripple effect, he now knows how come his previous actions made her unhappy. (I'm going OMGWTF-is-wrong-with-him!!).


I feel like slapping him already. He is probably the dumbest guy around, who didn't realize it until it was gone. The reason I'm taken away is that he was mind-blank most of the time, thinking that it was just a casual outing between friends. Being naive can kill you.

Nevertheless, he got to his senses (Oh, finally! *a sense of relief*) and he now wants to make it up to it. He knows what went wrong (hopefully) and he's already on the go. He wouldn't say how or what he'll do, he just know it'll be done, and that she'll be able to see him for the better.

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