Friday, January 25, 2013

Day #23

It's a public holiday! But, they both had to work. Well, he did work at home voluntarily, but she had no choice. She was bogged down meetings after meetings, running from one place to another. He went on with his work, one piece after another. After that, sorted out his closet.

As he did a run check on his clothes, he reflected on his past, present and his plans about the future. Long story short, he spent a good two to three hours moving out the old clothes to make rooms for the new ones.

Then, he remembered that she wanted to borrow his camera for the weekend for the party which her boss had planned for. Between his company trip and her party, logically speaking he'd like to have the camera to capture moments with his colleagues. But then again, he thought to himself, he can't be taking pictures and playing at the same time - too much hassle. So, he made that the reason to lend her the camera. Plus, he didn't want to take up the responsibilities of taking picture of every single session - it's about time to pass or tai-chi around the job of the photographer to other team mates *laughs*.

In the midst of the day, he suddenly found his monitor screen was flickering at an interval of few seconds. It was horrible! Panicked, he called his mate who is very familiar with computer stuffs and inquired about the problem. He was told he needed to change the monitor if the problem still persist even after the troubleshooting it properly. He wasn't too pleased hearing that, because he knew that he had to then spend another lump sum of money to get a replacement if it was a hardware fault.

That evening he made an appointment with his mate to get the replacement set. He made a deal with his mate to buy his mate's unit (yes it is used, but only a couple of months and the warranty is 3 years more to go) for a much cheaper price than getting a new set. He was happy 'cause not only did he resolved the issue, but he saved up on buying a new set.

After that, he went over to meet her to pass her the camera. Not surprised when he found out that she was still out on the work. So, he waited for her. He went for supper at the nearby mamak and watched whatever show that was on TV, while waiting for her discussion to finish. He was a little worried that if her discussion ended too late, it would be dangerous for her to drive back. Initially, he thought of catching a quick drink with her, but looking at the time at that moment, he figured it isn't wise to do so because she needed rest. Besides, he had to go back and pack his bags for the trip.

By the time her meeting ended, she was very tired (expected already). She just wanted to go back and get some good rest. He agreed of course. When she got home, he quickly passed the camera to her and then headed back to his home. He had to set up the new monitor and ensure all the calibrations are done before he leaves for the company trip in the morning. He made sure that his bags are packed and he has all the necessary items for the trip. By the time, he was done with his packing, it's only 2 hours before he goes on the road. Well, he could not be bothered about it. Before he slept, he just make his usual nightly prayers for her.

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