Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day #28

Work resumed - can't escape it unless one stops working and has other sources of income. He hasn't built his business large enough to be able to quit the job and enjoy life the way he wants to. He went into office with a sort of determination to make something happen. And he did.

One of the major deals was signed off so the next step is to collect the payment *Applause*; a few more are on their way, progress showed very positive flow and very likely to be happy and successful ones.

She had a busy morning as well. But on the way to work, she sprained her wrist (not sure if 'sprain' was the right word) and he was very worried about it. He suggested that she should see a doctor, but she's reluctant to do so. She insisted that she's alright and that she has to go for a meeting - he guessed it must be a big meeting. He told her to take care of the hand, and wished her all the best in the meeting.

He continued his work. It became a little draggy as soon as it passed lunch hour. His afternoon appointment got postponed, but his schedule was still packed with loads of work. It lasted until 8PM plus and only then he knew that he had missed out on his dinner. But he didn't feel very hungry, so he went to get some light snacks and continued working until his eyes could no longer take it. By then, he had to call it a night, pack up and headed home.

He wondered if she was alright, but he realized it was a tad bit late to call her. He just dropped her a text and gazed to the ceiling. Many thoughts came about - her, work, future, plans, goals, etc. And within moments, he felt asleep unknowingly.

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