Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day #25

Woke up early to the banging sounds of his room mates who were up and ready for the first activity of the day - Breakfast! Honestly, he felt the food were just in a repeat loop of rice, chicken, fish, eggs, mixed vege. "keropok" and watermelon for dessert (only minor difference was the style of cooking) but he wasn't complaining about it because he had 2-3 servings each meal. He was a very satisfied customer. Think that's because he was so hungry after every other sports. After breakfast, the group headed out to the waterfall abseiling location. He was excited! Though not his first time being at a waterfall, but it was surely his first for abseiling, and at the waterfall too! He was all fired up! With his prior knowledge in the outdoor equipment, he helped his group to put on and fasten their carabiners and harnesses. He was the first in line to abseil the waterfall. It was pretty easy for him at medium level. He enjoyed the experience there. After him was his team mates, and he went in again, last. The facilitator told him that to try the hard level because it would be a shame to miss it out. He thought it'd be a waste to come all the way there and missed it, so he went for it. He didn't expect it to be a huge difference from the medium level - losing grip and standing position during his abseiling made him crashed into the rocks a few times. He injured his arm and back without knowing it and thankfully there were no bruises.

Then it was lunch and paintball match! He was hyped for paintball because he knew he was good at it (even though he had only played it once). The team called him the sharpshooter because he had 5 headshots from a distance and a couple more accurate shots at his opponents from strategic locations. That being said, he wasn't the best player because he was shot out of the game, twice (no point being that good if you got shot, twice!). It was a thrill for him because the last time he played paintball was a year or two ago.

Next, one of the group members challenged him for a sprint, back at the hut where they were staying. Naturally, being an all-rounder and pretty fit, he won the sprint. But the sprint took a toll on his body, because right after that, he was extremely exhausted already. They had one more activity after dinner which is jungle trekking and he refuses to go for it. Luck was on his side, because it poured very heavily during dinner and the evening activity had to be cancelled. The ladies in the group all headed back after dinner (before it turned dark) because they had plans to be with their family for Sunday & Monday. So it was only the guys left at the place, and they all decided to play friendly *coughs* card games *coughs*. The game lasted till 2am or so. Half of them went to watch football, while he and the others went back to their huts and sleep in.

Back at the hut, he wondered if her party went well, and checked if his message to her earlier that evening would have reached her. Nevertheless he hopes it was good and she would have been proud about it. Prayed her efforts would be recognized and accredited for, he then fell asleep soon after he was done. His back was hurting terribly that night, and he was struggling to find a comfortable position.

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