Friday, January 25, 2013

Day #21

Another early morning for himself, got to work as usual, but the load were just as similar as the day before. He knew he had limited time left to ensure that the deals that he is working on can and will be closed before the holidays start. Throughout the entire day, his eyes were only on his laptop and phone. On the side of his computer, he just kept an eye on his phone, just in case if she needs someone to chat with. Later that evening, he got a text from her as a favor to help her out on something. She said it was pretty urgent, and so he packed his stuffs and immediately head out to help her out. Well, he needed to get away from the office as well, so that was a good thing too. He had to pick up a friend before that. He then went to pick her up from her office. His friend tagged along the whole journey. Before that, he had briefly told his friend about her, on how amazing she is and only way to know that is to meet her. His friend couldn't be more surprised to have met her. His friend told him that he was a lucky guy and his friend went all excited for him. "You've found a treasure!" his friend said. He shyly nods and smiles in agreement. After all the matters were settled, he sent them home while a big smile on his face and then went back home himself feeling somewhat pretty good. That night somewhat was a good night for him. He figured his prayers might be working well, so he decides on with it, with hopes that all will go well for her.

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