Friday, January 04, 2013

Day #2

Chirpy as it looks, this is what he hope it was..

That's how he imagined their conversation the night before to be. At least hope for. The day started like no other, except with a slight difference now. He was still texting her and receiving replies, but somehow it felt like he's known her a little more than just a day - maybe a week, maybe more?

Things wasn't going well at office for him, as there were more postponement and cancellation of projects rather than successful closed ones. But somehow he was pretty chillax. Was a busy day for her too, but in spite of that, she still replies him without much waiting time. Was it in her nature to be timely, or something else? He didn't want to assume anything but is contented that they are still texting.

Then, she was feeling a lil bored and sleepy at work. Without thinking much, he thought of a nickname for her that sounded pretty cool. He uttered it out, but she didn't resent it. He didn't bother much about it and just went along with it casually.

You'll never know what he gave her =P

She decided on a rule - No more calls beyond 1AM if the following day is a working day. He too came up with a rule too... but soon after that he forgotten about it *facepalm*. As much as he'd like to chat, he had to agree with her, because it's no fun being tired on a working day, even before it has started.

He worked and text her the same time
He got back pretty late from work, but was rather excited to hear of the story that she wanted to share with him. So she storied, he listened. Soon enough, it was past midnight, she was yawning already. He wanted to end the call so that she can get some good night sleep, at the same time follow the rules (awww what a good boy he is). But she wanted to listen to his stories too, said that it's only fair that he shared since she already did. Clueless as to what he should say, he casually talked about his school times and what he did back then. Without realizing, he went into telling her about his past relationships *facepalm twice* but did it gently by telling her that he just wanted her to know that there's nothing to hide there (he did a good safe *pats on the back*).

He felt as if she was just beside him
So he went on with his stories, and she quietly listened to them. One after another, and soon it was way past "bedtime" (broke rule #1). She knew but didn't mind, saying that it's interesting getting to know him. She was yawning even more, and they had to call it a night.

After the call ended, he recalled the conversation and felt that she might have just wanted to listen to him talking and so that she can just fall asleep, but he might have gotten it a tad bit too late since he was thinking about time and all. Being too logical, it's definitely something that he has got to work on.

Stop thinking too much!

But there was something which made him very happy that night. He's gleeful only for the fact that she said that she trust him. Those words were simple, but it meant very much to him. He went to bed excited, looking forward to Day #3 and their dance night.

Just like a child whose awaiting to go Disneyland for the first time.

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