Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Story

This is the story of He and She and how they met (or to be more precise, how he met her).
Disclaimer: The visuals used here is not owned or labelled by the author. They are used to provide the audience a form of visual representation of what the author is trying to illustrate.

It was new year's eve, and after work He was all pumped up to go for the party at his friend's place!

Some party! but it wasn't like this at all..
It sure felt like that!

It was more like this.. minus the sword fights and the construction workers..
oh wait! or maybe there were there?!
I don't know; was too busy busting myself drinks after drinks.

(Ok back to the story! Focus Jeffro, focus)

Well, he didn't go alone, he brought a friend. But they had to make several pit stops to shop for the pot luck items - namely fruits & snacks, and not to forget the ice packs. So they went for about an hour or more before finally arriving at the party.

(eh can fast forward ar? bugger no interest in listening to filler-like scenes can?!)

At the party, as he was helping to prepare the fruits and some snacks, She walked in. The host of the party introduced her to everyone.

Yea right! You wish la!

It was more of this. Just hey my name is .. and her name is ...
No more no less...

(=.=" what a let down! So what happened next?!)

It's no magical night for anyone, but eventually he got out of the kitchen and start blending in with the crowd. Then, he joined her at the table. He wanted to start a conversation, but he paused. He had forgotten her name (or to be precise, he didn't pay attention earlier). So, quickly he just jumped into the conversation without addressing her name. And they chat a little. But he still didn't get her name.

(what a wuzz! u mean the whole night just like that?)

Nearing midnight, everyone gathered to raise their drinks together. He learns that she wasn't happy and didn't have much appetite. So he had to think of something to get her mind of her troubles. They had a drinking game called the King's cup. He knew she wouldn't drink, but he still wanted her to have and loosen up. So, he played hero and said "You play. I drink."

Cards around the cup.. but we used a Hoegarden cup!
Beat that bro!

Depending on what card you get, the punishment differs..
*evil laughs*
I love the Bitch card =P

Then slowly people cheers and drank

And finally everyone drinks!

(Ok I'm getting drunk seeing those pictures! What Next?!)

Well, Cinderella had to go home! He has taken a couple of "punches" from the game, and he's feeling a little high. Nevertheless, he wanted to send her off. With some few others, he walked her to her car and see her off. Guess what? HE STILL DOESN'T KNOW HER NAME! Felt disappointed, he walked back with the others. On the way back, he heard someone mentioning her name. *light bulb* Though only 1 syllable, but that's good enough!

Everyone was dancing around!
Well not everyone, but a few of us.. No thanks to the punishment.. 
Following day, he woke up freshens up and wondered if she was alright. He remembered others were exchanging numbers and contacts with her, but he stood there like a noob doing nothing. "Man what a loser" he thought to himself. As he changes his outfit to head out for the next event, a brilliant thought came to mind! He texted his buddy to get her number, so that he can directly ask if she was alright. Genius, no? Not really; Slowpoke, yes *nods shamely* Well, he had gotten the number alright, and immediately texted her.

So he wait.. and wait.. and wait.. no reply. "Dang! Wrong number is it?!" Despite that, he continued on with the event.

(Oitz! Is that all?!)

Nearing the end of the day, his phone buzzed and he sees a message. It's from her!

Yes! Nuff' said.

That's the start of the story.

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