Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Project 365!

Ahhh first post of the new year~! Well no, I guess I wouldn't be looking back to 2012 to share all that has happened and what I'm looking forward to. If you're curious enough, let's grab a drink or a bite together, and I'll story you in! I prefer telling you in person instead =P

So what's this Project 365? It's like so-yesterday... Yes and No =) This isn't the snap a picture each P365; this is the "snapshot" of a story of a guy who met a girl during a new year's eve party and how it goes on everyday. It's gonna be based on a true story. Well sorta, can't promise you it'll be entirely true 'cause I have the tendency of exaggerating the scenarios *laughs*

Disclaimer: No names will be mentioned to protect the identity and ensure the safety of the people involved. Context may sound lame, gross, eeky but that's just too bad, 'cause I'm writing it anyhow~ =P

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