Friday, January 25, 2013

Day #17

It's Friday already, and he was smiling as he goes to office. Even though he was caught up in a long jam, and was questioned by his superiors why he didn't arrived as early as he promised, he was still in a good mood. 'Cause he knew something big is coming his way. He was geared up for the day.

He got in and out of meetings from one location to another. With one good news after another. Seems like he'll meet his expectations within the month after all! At the same time, because of the adrenaline he is having, he didn't have much of an appetite and rather he was feeling very full the whole day.

After his final meeting, he had to go back to office to do some reporting on the activities for that day. There were some misunderstandings, but thankfully he managed to resolve them in time. His superiors were pleased with his works and could see that he had placed a lot of effort in them. They wanted to make sure he gets the deal done, so that it would be easier on him.

Then, it's after working hours, where by he headed out to yet anothe new party in town! Spend another few hours letting loose of the tension that has been built over the days, got himself a couple of drinks, a whole lot of smoke surrounding him, and then he went home relaxed and relieved.

He wanted to puff a couple of cigs but didn't manage to. But it was close enough, he smelled bad enough that he had to do a long shower before he sleeps

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