Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day #10

Couldn't sleep as well as he wanted to, but he woke up slightly clear on what to do ahead. Yeah somehow he managed to do some thinking during his sleep. He knew he had to do something about it, otherwise his day would be pretty much screwed. (Am sure no one appreciates a guy who can't get a hold of himself). He decided that to work things out one at a time. That first thing for the day is to go to work and get things done!

Thanks Chuck! You gave him courage, LOL

Whilst getting to his first appointment, he got stuck in a jam for an hour. Being late is one thing, but he had a feeling that the other appointment might be off. True enough for him, when he did a checking on the next appointment. A lil' let down, but he knew he would have time for the remaining works at office, before the big company meeting.

At office, he got a message from her. She told him that he had gotten it all wrong - it's not a goodbye message, it's just merely a "give me some space". *facepalm* How could he have misread that message? *double facepalm* What a turnaround and he exhaled in relief! Well, he understood that, but didn't know what to reply he just sent in a smiley. He then realized that his approach actually created unnecessary pressure for her. All she needs at this moment is just a friend who cares for her, and not some guy whose going after her.

Couldn't had done worse than he already did.

The awkward moment...

So, he made another decision that day - respect her decision, give her space, and be a friend when she needs him. It'll be a little hard and awkward to just reverse things, so he sent her a friendly message just to tell her that if he's always a text or a call away, if she needs a listening ear.

Ain't he a sweetheart? =P
he's the white one obviously!

He hopes she knows this.

Well actually, he isn't unhappy that it happened, rather much glad that he got to experience a situation like this at early stage. He figured, he might land himself in this kinda situation in the near future, when the lady has her monthly moments. "Why wait till then right?" is what he had in his mind. So, all he has to do is just back off, way off. She'll talk or text when she wants to. After all, once a lady indicates "I need space", it's probably too late for any guy to come about - He's guessing that her interest level in him at the current moment would be pretty low already (with what he interprets as groveling, it kills any chance at all), better not jeopardize it to the point of no return. Trying to fix things might just worsen the situation, and unless her interest level in him goes up a notch, it's just best to let time play into its course.

This picture resembles very much of her..
He knows what's on lingering on her mind, and it'll probably take a longer time to get over the past.
He's gonna give her some space and some time for himself to work on other things.

This is what will happen if he pushes or doesn't know how to chill.
God forbids this to happen; he smart enough to barely made it out alive.

He states that he is not the conventional person.
She'll see in time =)

This is something that happened to pop up on his screen,
while he was searching for other graphics.
He find this very meaningful =)

(So how what will come about on the days ahead? He doesn't have a clue yet, but he's sure something will come about. He's positive *smiles* and confident about it)

Nuff' said =P

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