Friday, January 11, 2013

Day #9

Not having a good sleep at all, really got to him. He was just in one of the worst of his days. He had a bad feeling on how the day would go, but immediately came up with lots of happy thoughts and bright new moments he'll be having when things go well. That lifted up the mood for him.

It's the only way to brighten up the day =)

At work, he just "stepped on the gas pedal" and "went the distance". Although it wasn't much of his expected results with his clients, he couldn't care less and just went on doing what he do best. The day went on pretty fast, and then it was time to get off work. He didn't get a single text from her since the night before. He anticipated for the worst the come.

Full speed ahead!!

May things go well...

Acknowledging that it might be a troublesome night, it was pretty quiet for him. Took the night to reflect on what's happening so far, and to take a good look on how he'll be moving forward. Doing so, he soon fell asleep in the midst of his plannings. He expected something to happen, anything at all. But nothing did. His mind was wandering about, and he just laid his head on his pillow. And felt asleep without realizing it.

Woke up in the middle of the night to find a text from her. He might have thought it's a loud shout, or fair warning, or anything as such. Never would he thought it would be PONR (Point of No Return). His surprises the day before might have gave her a little too much pressure, or scared her off. But she was still very nice to the end of the text. By then he knew, that's it and no more. Not more could he do, nor offer. Even being friends may make her feel awkward.

Pass this point, and all is devastated

feewwwww ~~ *sounds fading off*
thump! *sound of the red heart hitting the bottom of the bin*

It wasn't that bright at all.
It was pitch black then.

It didn't take him even 10 days for this to happen... It's over. Well, technically nothing started. But realizing that, makes him feels even worse.

Mmmm mmmm...

(Guess the story has to stop now, eh? ...
Well, even if it's only him, the show MUST go on!
Going ahead, it'll be about him and his journey to the ... west~ LOL no freaking way!
Okay that was lame, but it did made him feel a little better.
Think he'll be alright when morning comes, hopefully)

Hey, can't just stop 'cause of some hurdles right? =)

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