Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day #27

It's a Monday and a holiday! Woke up to the phone rings of his buddy who was supposedly to deliver a new laptop to him the day before. He went to meet his buddy, brought the new laptop home (the laptop was for his client) and started working on the optimization. His back was still a little sore, but he managed to find a way to work it around. Connected his equipment together, and started the optimizing process.

She texted him to see if he was awake. He replied back telling her how he woke up. She was about to go out with her family then. He had no where to go, 'cause he wanted to clean up his room and get the laptop done as soon as he can, so that he can proceed with his office works thereafter.

The moment he realized it, it was already dinner time. Everything's almost done. She told him that she bought a few more pieces of clothes. He could feel the excitement from her on his end of the phone. It got her pretty worn out and she had to nap. He laughed from the other side of the phone. He chilled out the entire night just enjoying the off time. He felt good 'cause he had done the necessary work to prepare for the next day.

It was a simple day for him. He was rather happy. Had a rather good sleep that night.

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