Monday, January 07, 2013

Day #5

Had a cancellation from his clients in the morning due to no-response, he continued to sleep in. He had a headache, and needed some rest there. Woke up close to noon and just drop her a morning message before he freshened up to head out for his afternoon appointment. She was out with her good friend. They went shopping.

He came back towards evening, but feeling all busted up, took a short nap on the couch. He was feeling all so lazy to move around. Pull his phone close, decided to text her to see how's she doing. He was feeling so bored, and went to just chat about his past. Firstly thought it was a bad selection of story to share ('cause it was all sappy; kind of mood killer if you must ask) and found out that it wasn't that bad after all. Reason? He'd never knew he'd found a friend so close to him, in her.

She was completely honest with him, and at the same time apologetic the moment she knew she might have pushed the limits. She could read him like a kindergarten book. He then knew that she's really something. More than some girl that he's just chasing after, he found himself a friend that matters to him most. And there she is! He knew the day when she falls for him, he'll be the "richest" and luckiest guy around.

This image doesn't justify that, because
he knows she'll worth more than gold

She's the treasure, he knows where she is..
Now it's just the matter of finding his way to her.

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