Friday, January 25, 2013

Day #22

Woke up extremely early because he knew that that is the day! - The day he'll be closing the first big deal of the year! Funny thing is too because it is also the first time he was earlier than his manager. Anxiously he went up and down a few times, managed to get a cup of coffee and had a light breakfast altogether, and the door was still not open yet. So he sat outside awaiting patiently. 15 minutes later, he saw his colleague and not long after he was in the office already.

As soon as his work starts, he did as much as he could to quickly finish up the task he had. At the same time, he was praying that his deal would come true and he would get some breather by end of the day.

Texted her to hear how she was doing. She replied him and shared with him that the project that they had worked on didn't received much of a review to it *gulps*. He thought probably he didn't deliver a good job, but he told her that it's alright, seeing how short a time they did it, it was good enough. During their conversation, he was hoping his good energy from his work could flow into hers and make her day better.

Nearing the end of the day, it was all panic and rush hour! Calls had to be made, appointments were pushed off, meetings were called, requirements had to be finalized and a couple of proposals had to be produced before 5.30pm. He thinks he had surpassed his own limit of "multitasking" the projects by completing 5 separate proposals on time. A little hiccup here and there but he managed to pull through. He quickly told her about his good news as soon as he had gotten the confirmation of a successful deal. He bugged his operations team and unintentionally made them stay a little longer after office hours. He is very thankful that they didn't make a fuss out of it, and instead helped him without questions.

He had to stay back to finish up the remaining works he had because for the next couple of days, he and his colleagues will be off on a company trip and won't be back to office until the following Tuesday. Now, that's a long pause of work, and he realized that if he didn't do at least some portion of the work, then come Tuesday, he'll be fried! But throughout his overtime work, he fell asleep without knowing it a couple of times, only to wake up 15 minutes or so after each time.

Then she buzzed him, asking if he wanted to go out for a drink with their friends. He was saved! He immediately said yes. But the drink-time was still long away, and he wondered where he could possibly bump out for a short power nap - he was dead exhausted actually (mentally and physically). So, he went to his&her buddy's place for a quick forty wings, then picked her up (his&her buddy was driving) and off they headed downtown to party! Though he didn't quite get a good look at her, but a glimpse of her tells him that she looks absolutely stunning.

He was doing his best trying to stay awake and "alive", didn't want to buzz-kill the hype. His&her buddy (the driver), was stoning most of the time, with some occasional hype here and there. By the time they reached the destination, they were a little frustrated 'cause of the slow traffic and the wait at the venue. He was getting a little impatient, his&her buddy was stoning to his cigars, and she was pretty excited. He had to keep himself together, otherwise he'd be walking on the "wrong lane" again. (Don't screw up bro, don't screw it)

Not long after that, they were joined by her colleague and friend. Together they all waited another good half an hour or more, before deciding to grab a bite together. 2 hours passed by and he still has no idea what they were doing outside and not in the place. He felt his mind was drifting away, but he didn't want to. So, he found ways that could keep his mind back on track - Lame jokes, silly remarks, act cool, whatever it takes to stay on. He is determined *laughs*. Suddenly, she recalled she left her IC in the car, and boy was he suddenly awake. Immediately he went to get her the IC because it is very crucial especially in downtown KL.

They finally got into the party, but in less than 10 minutes they were out again. This time he is really clueless, but he just followed the crowd. She had some issues with her heels and needed help to balance herself - not really used to the heels yet, especially when she is usually with the flats. She leaned mostly on his&her buddy. They then got themselves a table, where they had a light drink to toast and cheers for the night together! More chit chats, more stoning, and by the time they knew it, the place was about to close. It was near to dawn. They had to leave and head home.

Somehow, throughout the night out, he wasn't feeling comfortable. Not because he was tired (yea a little, but definitely not because of that) but he guessed it's because she was much closer to his&her buddy. He felt nearly out of place. Just feeling a little disappointed from some of her replies to her colleagues about him. Though he knew she was only joking and meant nothing unpleasant, but that moment, it didn't feel good or nice to him. She probably didn't know it anyway. Thankfully, he didn't react to that, but he was a little awkward thereafter. He's not mad at her or anything, but he didn't feel too good about it.

Don't think he'd be jealous about his&her buddy ('cause he knows him too well). After all, he and her weren't officially together or anything, but guessed it's a normal response for any guy regardless of what situation. Gotta give it to him 'cause he managed to actually keep it together that night. He'd rather have his time thinking and having her feeling comfortable and safe at the same time. Plus, it was a rather big night for her, so he just wanted to make sure that it stays that way.

After sending her back, he went home. Showered and cool off the not-so-nice-feelings, he continued with his prayers before continuing his work. He only managed to sleep when it was already dawn.

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